Help Comes From The Lord!

We Are Called:

From the Book of Acts, chapter 18, it is written, saying, “Then spoke the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not your peace, because I am with you, and no man shall set on you to hurt you, because I have much people in this city. And he continued there a year and six months, teaching the Word of God among them.”  God has many people in this land!

The follow is a writing by my wife Felicia!


58th Day

The 2nd Month of The 8th Year After My Baptism!


7th Day of the week, which is called Saturday!

This Is The Journey!

“3 Years – 125 Days In Delivering Food To The Hungry!”

“Prince Daniel-David: 1 Year – 240 Days!”

“Princess Mary-ElishaBeth: 104 Days!”

11:01 PM


(Mountain Time: Lordsburg, New Mexico)

“For The Greater Glory!”


O how the day was yesterday! O how Glorious the Lord is and how He magnified Himself! So many shall be Blessed by the Lord! Teach me to pray as I ought to pray! And give me skills in writing, I pray Thee! As we were given to say, this would be a testimony for God’s Glory!


And so it was just that!

Let’s start from the beginning!


On the night of 09/10/2019, which was already the start of the 11th day of the month, we left Benson, Arizona heading east on IH-10 towards a rest area! But about a mile or two from the rest area, the van died! The alternator was not charging the battery, and we were driving on what little charge was left in the battery. It was already getting dark, as we drove, when we had to pull over because we had no headlights! But God showed Xmeah a safe pull-off area, where we were able to park for the night! That night, prior to settling in for the night, we tried several things to get the van going, but it was dead! So we camped there that night!

In the morning, the Lord gave Xmeah to pull one of the reserve batteries from the back of the van and install it in the van. This battery still had some charge to it! We had counted our money, and it was low. Repairs would be needed for the van and a motel room to stay in while the van was being repaired. As Xmeah was installing the battery, I thought about how the last time the van broke down and we needed gas money the Lord sent me a new customer! And ever since then, she has been faithful to come to me with work, and most of the times it is when we are in need of money! But, suddenly the Spirit quickened me to remember what the Lord gave Xmeah to say! “All Things New; Old Things Pass Away!” Amen! The Lord also spoke about how He has many people in this nation! He has people who have large and many businesses! He has Helpers, whom are used to help others! And we were in need of help!


So as the Spirit quickened me, I said I was looking for the new! Not long after this, the phone rang! A man calling for a website! As we were talking and he agreed to my terms of a down payment, I asked him to text me his email address so I could send him an invoice. He told me he was driving at the time! I said, “Well, that’s good; because we’re broken down on the side of the road right now!” We both laughed, but he said that it wasn’t good that we were broken down. I told him that it was and how this was going to be a great testimony for God showing how He delivered us from this situation! I had already told him about the Evangelistic Ministry Tour, and how the Lord has kept us out here over three years! Then, I told him about the Angel that changed our tire on Devil’s River Road, 22 miles off the main highway, where no cell reception is! He rejoiced in hearing this and said he believed in Angels also and has met some before! I told him how we were going to need an alternator for the van. So he told me to go ahead and send him the invoice for the down payment, as he wanted to go ahead and get his site up online!


Xmeah came in and I told him the good news! Now we would have a bit more money to put to repairs for the van! By God’s Grace, we were able to drive on up the road, past the Dragoon Rest Area on the eastbound side, and turn around on Johnson Road, where “The Thing?” is, and turn back to the Dragoon Rest Area on the westbound side! There we stopped as the Lord instructed! While there, Joshua called and asked if the van was running. We explained to him the situation! He desired to buy the alternator for us, and said he would get us a motel room also! So he booked us a room for two nights there in Benson, Arizona!


Not long after getting off the phone with him, the new customer called back! I told him about how our Brother had gotten us a room, and then I began to prepare the invoice to send. The man then asked if he paid the invoice in full would that help us financially! Yes, it would! So I told him yes, but that all I required was just a down deposit to start the job! I looked at his current sites, as there were three! But after I had given him a quote, I saw there was more pages to the site! I had given him a price for a one page site, but I told him that I would stick to what I said and charge that amount! He said no, he would pay me more, and gave me a price he would pay! I told him it was okay, but he said if I would not take it then he would give it to someone else! I laughed and said, no I would accept his price and thank him and God! We both laughed! So I sent him the invoice for what he stated the amount should be, which was more than what I was requiring! Moments later, he paid for it! He called back and told me that he wanted to buy the alternator for us also! WOW! A complete stranger, showing so much love and compassion! I told him that the money he just gave was going to the alternator and repairs and that he was helping us so much by doing this!

Check-in at the motel was said to be at 3PM, but it was nearing 2PM, when the Lord had us to move out from the Rest Area and head into town! We stopped at an auto repair shop called, “The Shop!” The man checked the alternator and said that it was bad. He gave us a price for the alternator and repair fee. It was more than what we had. We inquired about if we purchased the part ourselves, how much would he charge to install. He gave us that price, but it was still more than what we had! We had already found the part in-store at the O’Reilly Auto Parts in town! We could not have the man do the work, as we did not have enough money to pay him. As we got ready to leave, the van was dead again! The battery had run out once more. Xmeah asked the man if he could charge our battery and how much would he charge. He said he could give it a charge for a few minutes and he would not charge us! So he hooked it up, and we waited. He said it would be enough to get us to the motel, which Xmeah had asked for directions to! So we left there and headed straight to the motel! We got there and gave them the reservation information, and they let us check-in earlier than the policy stated!

We counted the money we had on hand, on the card, and the payment that had just come in! We even counted the change in our pockets! We were still coming up short!


So we inquired of the Lord as what to do now, and we waited! But as we waited for instructions concerning the van, we did the work we could do! And I used that time to start working on the new customer’s website! He told me he had a second site that he wanted me to take over also, if I did a good job on the one he gave me!


I hear now about the men who were given talents! Some took what they were given and produced more! One who was only given one, buried it! He was cast into hell!


But more than speaking about the websites and work, I was given to minister to him in the Word of the Lord and we had many joyful conversations!


As I worked on the site, I saw he did not have a logo, and it was much needed!

So I created a logo!


I sent it to him, and he loved it!


I continued on in my work on the site, when he called and spoke about a second site he wanted me to do for him. He said he wanted me to go ahead and do that one also, even though I had not finished the first! He was impressed with my work and said that God told him to have me to do the other site as well! Alright! Thank You Lord! But our focus at the time was to get this first one online! And throughout the day he would call and we would talk in the Word of the Lord! Then he called asking for counsel on what to do about someone who owed him money. I gave him the counsel that we were taught by Xmeah. A little later, he called again as he was taking the first step I was given to tell him! He did as instructed, and called back again to tell me what the result was! The person said they would have it the next day, so I told him to wait and give them that time they requested! He agreed. The thing was bound by a legal document, but one party did not fulfill the agreement. He spoke of how he could take this to court to get his money, but I know this is wrong and not of the Lord! I told him not to do such a thing, and he agreed! He said that if he did not get what he was due, he would let it go and let God deal with it! Amen! I rejoiced to hear this!


I worked late into the night on the site. It was not until the morning that I shut down to rest as I heard to do!

When we all got up in the morning, Daniel-David was asking to, “Eat! Eat!” He was hungry. I knew we had some food, but it was a little. I did not want to have to buy more food or anything because that would take away from what was needed for the van! When we had checked in, we were told there was free hot breakfast! We have been in motels that offer such things, but have never used this! Even a few weeks ago, I had stocked packets of sugar “for when we run out of honey” but Xmeah was given to correct me and said we will never run out of honey. I saw the honey bottle was low. Again, I did not want to have to buy more and take away from that which was more important, the van! So, Daniel-David and I went and got breakfast! It was perfect timing too! When we came in the cook was trying to call her 97 year old mother to make sure she was ok, but people kept coming asking her for things and she could not check on her mother! As I stood at the counter waiting for waffles to make, I began helping people who were looking for things! It was nothing but the Lord Who caused me to know where everything was! And the woman was able to call her mother and be at peace to find out she was alright! Thank You O Lord! They even had biscuits and gravy which I know Xmeah likes, although prior to us leaving the room he said he was not hungry. The woman told me she was going to bring some fresh sausage patties out in a minute. After she brought them out, I got three, but then I heard to get two more! I saw the biscuits and gravy but a man ahead of me got to them first! There were three biscuits, and he took two! I was talking to the man about how my husband likes biscuits and gravy! I took the last one and said that he probably wouldn’t mind having just the one as he has a childhood story about biscuits! I told the man about it how Xmeah wanted two biscuits but was given only one! And while he sat there mad eating the one he had he choked on it, so he had none! The man laughed! I looked for some jelly also, but then saw a bowl of honey packets! WOW! I grabbed a handful and we headed back to the room! Later I would empty them into our honey bottle, and it was now over half a bottle! Thank You O Lord! For it was just as You said, we would not run out of honey again! Amen!

Then later that day the customer called again. He said I would be tired because I was up all night, but I told him that would not be so! I gave him the Understanding we were taught! That we don’t desire sleep as God gives His Beloved sleep! He gives us what we need! I reminded him of how Elijah walked 40 days and 40 nights with no sleep! I said I hadn’t gotten there yet, but when I do I can get a lot of work done! He rejoiced at the hearing of this Understanding! And again throughout the day, he would call and receive the Word of God!


Thank You O Lord for this soul!

Later he sent me photos of the products he had and I was given to edit the photos making them appear to be sitting on an old wood floor with a wall behind it, and stamp his logo on every photo!


I showed him the stock photos and he loved it!

It was getting close to night when Daniel-David started again with his, “Eat! Eat! Eat!” But now he was naming food which meant he was really hungry! And those two extra sausage patties I heard to get, were warmed up and he ate! Thank You O Lord!

Then the man called and asked if the van was fixed yet. He understood that the van is our home! I told him no, that we came up short on the amount needed! He told me to find out how much we needed and to bill him that amount as a down payment for the work of the second site! I wasn’t sure about doing that and was about to ask him to hold so I could ask Xmeah! But then he told me to just call him back! So I told Xmeah what the man proposed to do and then Xmeah told me yes to go ahead! So I called the man back and told him how much we needed! He told me to send the invoice, so I did!

The day the van had broke down, I had listed the iPad online for sale. I spoke to Xmeah about how people would ask if it was still available but no one replied after I told them it was! Then someone sent a message asking if we were still in town. I told them yes! They wanted to meet on the following morning, which would be our check-out day! So I told Xmeah and he told me that they could meet us at the motel before 11AM. I told the person and they said it wouldn’t work for them and they would have to pass. Ok!

Later that night, the website customer called and we spoke again, but he had not sent the money. After getting off the phone, I knew in the morning we would have to be leaving the motel. But we did not get the last amount we needed for the van. I asked Xmeah should I go back and ask the man to send it. Then I awaited the answer of the Lord, and I was told yes, through Xmeah to go ahead and ask the man. So I sent him a text and just as I did I got an alert that the payment came in! He sent it just as I was asking about it!


As night fell, I heard to wait before I took down the old site. It was late at night, when I heard to take it down and put the new one up! So there was no down time for people viewing the site!



It was not until close to 5AM that I went to bed and rose up again around 7AM! It was time to pack, to leave the motel! Daniel-David and I went again to get breakfast! The cook rejoiced to see Daniel-David again! He even gave her Power before we left! This time we were able to get four biscuits and gravy! We returned to the room, gave God thanks for the food and ate! Then as I put coffee to make we packed! Both of the children began to cut up! They are true highway babies! They both desired to return to the van! Every time one of us would take Daniel-David with us to put something in the van, he was happy, but then when we went back into the room he cried! One night he said, “Nite-Nite” which means he is ready for bed, as he headed to the front door to go outside to the van! He is amazing!

We got our coffee made and everything packed, about an hour before check out! This was the first time we would turn the van on since we had checked in to the motel!

This was yesterday, 09/13/2019!


We drove to the front and returned the key cards! Then as we entered the road, we saw a train was going across where we could not get to the main road! We parked and turned the van off! But it was the timing of the Lord! As soon as we turned the van off, the train ended! So we moved on! We now had the money needed to get the van repaired! We went back to The Shop but the man said he could not do it, as he was now full! We went to another place but they said it would be a week as they were booked! And the next place said the same thing, and so did everyone we called!

“Lord, who is worthy?”

We went to a place where we had work done on Fury I! They gave a price, but it was high and way much more than what we had! We couldn’t wait, as that would require a motel, which would eat at the funds for the van’s repair!

So we headed towards the city park, but the battery was extremely low and needed to be charged! There is no AutoZone in Benson, Arizona! Only NAPA and O’Reilly!

Just as we got to the park, we were turned around to go to O’Reilly! But we turned not down the wrong street, but it was not where O’Reilly was! It was for God’s Purpose!


Xmeah began to make a U-turn on the narrow road, when the van died! Right in the middle of the road! And right in front of the exit of a drive-thru for a medical shoppe! Xmeah hooked up the booster to the battery, but it would not start! We had to get off the road and out of the way! I saw the woman that worked the drive-thru looking at us, as she was helping a customer and we were now blocking the exit! Xmeah said the van would have to be pushed! This is a 1 ton van, with a lot of things in it, making it even heavier! I offered to help push, but was instructed to steer it! So I went to steer and it was a task to turn the wheels! It was literally “Power Steering!” As Xmeah began to push the van, the woman who was working the drive-thru ran out and came to help Xmeah push the van! Then a car came and stopped and another woman came and began to help! Then a car passing on the main road made a sudden turn into the parking lot and a man jumped out, running to help! The van had to be pushed backward, then forward, then back again and forward again to get us straight on the road! Another car came up and more people ran to help! Men and Women!


I was in awe to see so many people come to help us, and more so that women came to help push the van! With everyone pushing the van we were able to get to a dirt parking area about half a block from where the van had originally stopped! It was slightly down hill, so they let it roll! When I applied the brakes and put it in park, I got out and everyone was gone! They had all gotten back into their vehicles and left! Amazing!


So we sat there and let the booster charge the battery again! We called some more places, some didn’t answer and one said the soonest he could help would be Monday! He really desired to help, but he too was booked!


Xmeah said we needed to get the battery charged up. I asked should I call O’Reilly and ask if they do it! He said yes! So I called and inquired! The woman said yes they charge batteries, I asked about a fee, and she said it was free! Xmeah said we would get the battery charged and buy the part also! Xmeah started the van and we went up the road a few blocks to O’Reilly’s! We were coming in hot! Just as we were coming in, the dashboard lit up and went haywire! It was about to die, but we got safely into the parking lot!

As we were heading into the store, a man was coming out. Xmeah asked him if he was a mechanic!  He said he was not! We went in and the woman took the battery to charge. I saw a mechanic shop card on the counter. So I showed it to Xmeah and we called! This place is a mobile repair company, but they were currently on the west side of Tucson! He would not be able to get to us! Then I heard to ask the woman if she knew anyone that might be able to install an alternator today! She said she did! She brought me another business card and told me to tell them she referred us! She said if they couldn’t help, she could find someone else. So I called, but a woman answered and said that the phone was lent to her, and gave me the boss’s cell number! I called him and he said he could do it today, so now we needed a price! He said he would call back. We counted our money again, deducting the price of the part. The woman even gave us a discount and removed the core fee ahead of time! This gave us more money for the labor fee! As we waited to hear from the man and for the battery to charge, she took us to the back of the store to sit and rest and gave us cold water. She and Daniel-David hit it off right away. She played with him a lot, tickling him and even chasing him making him giggle and squeal! A female customer saw both children and got “baby fever!” She shouted across the store to her husband saying, “Babe, my ovaries!” LOL!

The man called back and said he could do it for a certain price. But it was more than what we had left! I told him how much we had. He asked if we would still have to travel afterwards, and I told him yes. I told him that we are Evangelists, and how we’ve been out here over three years now! I asked him if he would be willing to do a little trading! We had to do this once before! I said I know that they make their living off the money they receive, and that I had an iPad that I had listed online to sell to get cash, but the buyer backed out. I told him that we could pay the cash we had and give him the iPad to cover the rest. He asked what year it is which is a 2nd Gen, a later model. I told him how everything works, and how I use it for my graphic design work. He said that it sounded like something I might want to keep, but I told him right now the van is more important so I would part with it, if he was interested! He said all his children already have iPads and the latest ones. He spoke of how children always want the newest thing out! I understood and told him if he gave it to them, they would probably throw it at him asking, “What is this?” He laughed and said yep! Then he talked to someone in background and then told me he would lower the price! He told me the new price and inside I was jumping with excitement, but then realized we were still short! I told him I would have to call him back! I had so many numbers rattling around in my head, I couldn’t do a simple subtraction to see how much more we needed! Just then Xmeah and the woman came to the front. I told Xmeah what the new price was and said we were still short. I used the calculator on the phone to see how much and it was $9! LOL!


I asked the Lord, how do we get $9! Then I looked at the woman and asked her would she be interested in buying a iPad! I told her about it and said, “Make me an offer!” She smiled and walked away! Then she came back and handed me some money! She said she had us covered! I saw it was enough, and then some! I rejoiced! I thanked her, and then Xmeah came in and I told him we got the money and how she had given us what we needed! I called the man back with excitement and told him, “We got it!” He rejoiced and said, “You sold it!” Then I had to clarify! I told him no, that the lady gave us the rest of the money we needed! She is a friend of his! And another worker there, his parents work for the mechanic, and at one point the mechanic even lived with them! It’s a small town where “everybody knows everybody!” Sounds like a country song!

But, wait! It gets better!


He told us to get our battery charged and then drive it to his shop! Get this! His shop is right next to The Shop! LOL! I saw his place, but it had nothing but big rigs! I thought he was a big rig company only but he services both passenger and commercial!


So we waited for the battery to be charged! Then we were told the battery was bad! So Xmeah got the other one! They put it to charge and we waited! The woman bought a set of Hot Wheel cars and gave them to Daniel-David! He actually told her “thank you!” She is the store manager!


Then she wanted to test to see if it was actually the alternator. So she and Xmeah went to go see. When they returned she told me that her assistant manager was changing the alternator. I said ok. Inwardly I figured he worked two jobs there and at the mechanic shop. Then I asked, and was told he was changing it now, on the parking lot! He only works there at O’Reilly’s! WHAT!? He took off his green uniform shirt and got straight to work, with no extra charge! I was in awe! So I text the mechanic thanking him for his consideration and kindness and explained how the man there was changing it for us! It was awesome!


She hooked up the second battery to charge. As we waited, she asked for the credit card again! They refunded the money to us, and the assistant manager put it under his account, giving us a huge discount! We were now paying half the price of the original cost!

And it only gets better!

He installed it and said all we were waiting on now was the battery to charge!


Turns out, out of the three batteries we have, only one is good! Daniel-David began to get fussy and loud as he was ready to go to sleep, so we returned to the van! As we sat in the van, I saw the lady coming out with the battery and case! I opened the side doors so she could put it in the van. As she put it down she told me this was the good battery. I looked and saw the man was hooking up a battery. Then I asked her, “If this is the good battery, what did they just install in the van?” She said, “Don’t worry! I bought you a new battery!”

O God, how awesome You are! I rejoiced! Xmeah was walking in front of the van as I called him and said, “She bought us a new battery!” We all rejoiced and gave God thanks!


Blessings upon Blessings shall these receive! We were put in this situation for the people to be Blessed or cursed! And so many are being Blessed! Those who desired to help! Those who ran to help push the van! The customer who prepaid and gave more than what was required! The manager and assistant manager at O’Reilly’s! The mechanic who lowered the price to help us! All these God shall Bless for their kindness and generosity! For their giving!

When we left there, we returned to IH-10 heading east, still in awe of what had happened! Then the customer called! I asked how he was and he said great! He asked how were we, and I said, I have a great testimony to tell you! I asked was he busy, because I didn’t want to hold him from his work, but he said he had just got home! As I told him the testimony, he kept saying, “What!?” He was in awe too! I reminded him that when we first talked I told him this was going to be a testimony for God’s Glory, and that was just what it was! Hallelujah!


I called Joshua to tell him also as he was concerned about us! He too rejoiced and kept saying, “What!?” Speechless really! It has been awesome!

“For The Greater Glory!”

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