Carrium: 07-09-32nd_Year!

190th_Day: The 7th Month (Ethanim)


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!

“You Talk Too Much!”

It is understood that you cannot learn if you come before the teacher with your desire to speak! The Lord used an example of children in a classroom doing a lot of talking. How do they learn? How can they be taught if they are doing all of the talking? The people are taught to listen attentively! The people are taught to respect the Lord’s requirements! After you are instructed; then you can know what to do. But, people love to talk! And, neither did they hear what the Word of God said about it is a sin when a person comes before a preacher more ready to speak than to hear. He said people don’t even know that they are sinning when they do this. How can you be taught if you won’t listen? If you think you already know, why would you come to a school? This is something that God is setting straight with the people. He expects the people to come before the preacher to hear what the Lord has to say. He will teach you and instruct you in the way in which you shall go. And, He said He would do this through preachers whom He has ordained!

“God Listens To You, And Hears Everything You Say, And Everything You Think: But, Do You Listen To Him?”

    How does God talk with you? Some say, “He speaks with us through His Word!” They are referring to the Bible when they say that! But, it is written in the Bible that God said to hear His Word at the mouth of His preachers! If God is truly speaking with them through the Bible; then they are not listening very well! I have also seen how people drive around with stickers on their vehicles, which says, “God Listens!” That is the truth: but, the important thing is for us to listen to Him: because He has all of the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding! He has that which we need to live; and, He already knows what we need to ask Him for! Are you listening to Him; or, are you doing all of the talking when you go before the Lord? The Word of the Lord from Ecclesiastes said, “Keep your foot when you go to the house of God!” Did you not know that the house of God is the man of God, whom the Lord God has chosen to place His Name upon? No, you did not know that, nor did you consider that, because you are always thinking about a building as being the house of God! The preacher is a chosen vessel prepared for God’s particular purpose! When the Word said, The Lord is in His Holy Temple; it is speaking about acknowledging that the Spirit of the Lord abides in those vessels, whom He has ordained! The Word is in His preachers! These are the people in which the Spirit of the Lord dwells; so, remember this when you come before a preacher! Those who are showing disrespect for the preachers are also showing disrespect for the Lord Jesus Christ! “And, be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: because they do not consider that they are doing evil, that are more ready to speak than to hear!” (Ecclesiastes 5:1 & 2) Amen!

    Would you go before God, trying to tell Him something? Would you speak to God as if He does not know what is going on with you? Would you not expect God to know all about what is going on with you? The Lord God is looking at how you approach the vessels whom He will use to speak with the people! In His Word, He said, “Whatsoever you have done unto the least of these My brethren, you have done unto Me!” Having disrespect for that man, is the same as having disrespect for the Lord who dwells in that man! Do you believe this? Remember what was said in Ecclesiastes that people are not considering that they are doing evil when they come before a man of God more ready to speak than to hear. Do you make people aware of this? Now consider it, because that is exactly the way it is! The Lord has warned; and, the Lord has commanded that everyone must turn from all evil practices! You come before the preacher to learn what God requires of you! Amen!

    God is looking at you, seeing what it is that you want! Do you want to talk, or to hear? You are receiving according to your desire! If you are seen having a desire to speak; you will not hear from the Lord! But, if you come before a man of God desiring to hear from the Lord, He will speak with you, because you are showing respect for what He said! The Word is coming constantly, telling the people to remember to be seeking the Word of the Lord at the mouth of His ordained preachers! This is spoken constantly: but, who among you is paying attention to what the Word is saying to everyone? This is the adjustment which God wants to make in His people; and, then they will be seen by Him as walking in His Way! This is the Way in which He sent for man to walk in; and, that is the only acceptable Way to Him! Who wants to be conformed to that Way? God is not going to accept anything else, even though millions will believe that He will! What do you believe? Do you believe He will accept those who walk disorderly? When you are coming before a man of God ready to speak, you are walking disorderly! Amen!

    What are you truly seeking from the preachers? Is it someone to agree with you, and to take your side in matters? Consider what God knows about you! He wants everyone to be adjusted to the Ways that are pleasing to Him. If you are not adjusted to the Ways which pleases Him; He will show you what He does to those whom He has no pleasure in! Be conformed to the Way in which He has ordered you to be in, and you shall be saved! Respect what the Word of God has said; and, see to it that you do that which He has said! It is for your life; and, this is what you must always believe! Do not be as one of those who think God is pleased with them, even though He does not see any likeness to the Word of God in them! Give respect to those whom He has commanded you to give respect to! Do all that He has commanded you to do! Amen!

Then, I hear people saying, “God Cares!” What does God care about? Yes, God does care: but, do you care; and, are you showing forth the Caring about that which God cares about? Our caring must be the same as His Caring; and, we must be seen caring about that which He cares about! Now, we are speaking about reflecting His Likeness, and His Image!

    When you are strengthened by God; you are strengthened so that you can strengthen others! Did you know that your songs to God can give comfort to the hearts of others? The Words of your mouth will be an encouragement to others! Sing aloud unto God so that others can hear your songs; and, by your songs, they can be strengthened, and built up! Your songs to God can cause the hearts of others to be comforted! Let your praises be heard! Now, show unto God your concern about building up others, and about comforting the hearts of others, even as you have a desire for your heart to be comforted! Amen!

“Jacob’s Ladder!”

(Angels Coming and Going Continuously!)

I saw this in a vision! I saw a tire running over water! I saw how some of the water would spin around the tire, while some of the water shot out from the tire, in all directions, wetting whatsoever it comes in contact with. The water is as Love which came out from God, and given to us! The water that is being shot upward, is the Love being returned to Him! It goes in a continuous circle! This is as setting our love upon God, even as He has set His Love upon us; and, that same Love flies out from us to the people! It is our love for God, and His Love for us that we send out to people! This goes on continually. Amen!

    My Lord, thank You for the symbol of Jacob’s Ladder! The true shape of that ladder is the sign of infinity. The sign of infinity is like the number 8. The Angels come into our hearts, which is the Temple of God; and go back to God after bringing that which God sent! Jacob had seen Angels coming down a ladder; and, returning up the ladder, in a dream! Whatever comes out from God, must come through the Lord Jesus Christ, Who dispatches the Angels to Their assignments! God has made His Angels to be ministering Spirits! They minister to us according to our needs! Consider the prayers, which we are given to pray! Those prayers must first come from God! For this reason, we have to ask the Lord God to teach us to pray. The prayer is pure when He sends it to us; and, it must be returned to God in the same pure way! Consider how the Lord Jesus set the example of Purity and Holiness coming out from God, being sent unto us! God supplies us with all that we need! He supplied us with a Lamb that was without spot and blemish, so that we could offer His Blood up for our sins! Whatever God sends is Pure and Holy! The Lord Jesus came from God, Pure and Holy; and, He returned to God, Pure and Holy! Everything, which comes out from God, must return to Him the same way! Therefore, Pure and Holy prayers are sent to us from God! We are to accept them; and, send them back to God as our own. But, there must not be any changes in them! God will not accept them, if they have changed! Therefore, I ask the Lord to cause me to pray precisely as God has sent the prayers! Notice how the Lord Jesus came out from God in a pure fashion, and returned unto Him in a pure fashion. And, when we are speaking about Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God; I considered if “the Jesus,” which I am thinking upon, is the Same Jesus according to God’s Knowledge! In our words and thoughts, are we sending to God, the Pure Jesus, which He gave us in the world, or is it another version of Him, which is created by our thoughts and beliefs about Him? What kind of Jesus are you trying to get God to accept? God is looking at our hearts to see how we are believing about the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ means Savior! Is it the Same Savior that God knows? If it is not; then we have another Christ: and, this is why the Lord said that there shall be many false Christ’s! It is a false belief about the Lord Jesus Christ that makes it to be a false Christ! There are many ways people are believing on as being Christ, which is for their salvation: but, it is not God’s Christ! Every denomination professes a Jesus Christ: and, these are the many false Christ’s, because their beliefs are not line upon line with the True Jesus Christ! God is looking to see if the Word of God, Whom the Lord Jesus is, is actually ruling as Lord over our hearts! Have we given respect to the True Jesus Whom God knows? Compare your Christ with the Christ of God; and, then see which will you decide on! I considered the many ways that are being called Jesus! Are they pure when we are trying to offer them to God? What is this that we are trying to get God to accept as Christ Jesus? Is He the Christ that He knows, and sent? Is it coming out of a pure heart? Is it exactly what God sent? Have any changes been made? I understood about these “self-satisfying” people! Since they are not seeking to please those whom God has commanded them to please; they will be satisfied with the version of Jesus Christ that pleases them: but, God will not be pleased! But, who cares about that? Who cares about giving God exactly what He requires of them? What about the kind of praises that He requires man to give to Him? Amen!

The Lord God is looking at our hearts, and our beliefs about what we are calling Jesus! Only that which God has sent out from Himself, will He accept in return! If you are clean; your prayers will be returned to God! Amen!

We don’t pray in the flesh! This means we don’t pray words that we have decided on: but, we seek sufficient words from God! David said, “Let all of my sentences come out from You, O Lord!” The Spirit of God knows the Mind of God! Acknowledge the Angel of the Lord in your praying! Acknowledge the truth about how prayers come unto us, and you will be in line with the Spirit! All prayers are prayers of faith, which means we are speaking what we are hearing the Angel speaking to us, telling us what to speak to God. He is also showing us how we be feeling while we are praying; and, we need to have the right attitude while praying! Therefore, the Angel is also giving you to pray concerning your attitude, so that your prayers will be acceptable! One thing to keep in mind is this: your prayers are hindered, if you have bitterness in your heart against your mate! We are not praying what we have decided to speak: but, we are being given what to speak by the Spirit: because the Spirit knows the Mind, and Will of God. You must ask God for the prayers; and, He will send the prayers to you. You must ask God to examine your heart, to see if any wicked way is in you! These are instructions from the Lord! Amen!

Now, the Word also said you must pray with the understanding. There is nothing that originated in the earth that can go into the Heavenly (Holy Spiritual) Realm! Our thoughts must be governed by the Lord God Most Holy. God gives us everything that we need to give to Him. David said, “Of Your Own have we given unto You!” (1st Chronicles 29:14) God will not accept anything from us that He did not give us. Even the prayers, which we are given to pray, are brought to us by the Angel of the Lord! Amen!

My Lord, what do You mean when You said You make Your ministers a flaming fire? Amen!

    Blessed are You, O Lord God, Who is Pure and Holy! I will wait upon You, O Lord! Let us always be thinking in the Spirit, and by the Spirit; and, walking in the Spirit! Let the meditations of our hearts; and, the Words of our mouths be acceptable in Your Sight, I pray Thee! Let us speak in the Spirit, and by the Spirit, always! You are the Power to cause all of these things to be! It is Your Good Pleasure to give us that which is good and Holy! Amen!

You are Omega; and, You give us how to end things! Let the ending of every Report be according to Your Will, I pray Thee! Amen! Why you cannot do them! When these thoughts are removed you will find out that you can do a lot of things you were made to think you could not do.